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Prasad Naik Banavathu

About Me

A Multi-Talented individual with a diverse range of experiences has excelled in various fields over the years. An Experienced Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert, who showcases proficiency in SEO, SMM, PPC With a track record of helping businesses grow their online presence and increase revenue, mostly considered as a valuable asset to any team. In addition to digital marketing expertise, an all-rounder who made a name in the entertainment industry, working as an actor, assistant director, and entrepreneur. Above all a passionate and willingful learner who readily takes up new challenges and strives to improve and achieve new heights in all endeavors.

A Journey of Creativity and Expertise

Prasad Naik Banavathu was born in Vijayawada, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He completed his earlier education at Ravindra Bharathi Public School, Vijayawada. He is a consultant known for digital marketing.

Prasad Naik was awarded as the ‘Best Child Artist – Nandi Award’ at Nandi Natakotsavam 2010 (Andhra Pradesh). He worked as an actor, editor, director & producer for many short films. He served as an active volunteer at National Service Scheme (NSS), India from 2016-18. In 2017 he acted as the CEO of student organisation ‘Verto Motion Pictures’. Prasad Naik has also worked as an assistant director for a famous bollywood music album ‘Bang bang.’

Prasad Naik completed his graduation at Lovely Professional University – LPU in 2018. In the same year he completed his digital marketing course & is a Certified Digital Marketer & a practitioner today with 2 years of experience.


My Professional Persona


diverse range of experiences, excelling in digital marketing, the entertainment industry, and beyond. With a passion for learning showcasing adaptability and eagerness to explore new avenues.


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What people are saying

I worked with Prasad Naik during my Graduation. He is one of the most efficient and hardworking person I ever met. I admire the way he is creative at his works. Loyal, Polite and down to earth.
Jeevana Gogula
Prasad naik is conceptually creative and strategically minded and also has the skill and experience to take a concept and execute it with a craftsman's attention to detail. He presents work well and takes feedback and input attentively.
Krupal Jawanjal, PMP
He has been active in completing a task within a deadline and comes out with a most effective approach towards a task, can quote him as an effective team player!!!
Sai Raghava Peddi
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